K-64 brings education, business, and government together to connect people of all ages with the skills needed to fill jobs and build careers in Catawba County.

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We’re on a mission to connect Catawba County employers with local talent.

What is Xplore64?

Xplore64 is Catawba County’s innovative approach to talent searching and workforce enrichment. Whether you are an employer looking to promote your business opportunities, an educational institution, or a prospective employee who is just beginning the job search, Xplore64 will keep you connected to timely career possibilities that can be tailored to your future goals or interests.

Why Get Involved?

Employers: Develop an Employer Profile to showcase your company culture, activate a broad social network, and engage with prospective applicants

Learning Institutions: Gain further insight on how graduates and degree programs benefit the local Catawba County workforce and help facilitate student-employer network

Xplorers: Receive 24/7 access to career opportunities related to your specific degree credentials and communicate with several local employers through one source

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