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Veterans have made incredible sacrifices to protect our nation, and when they return to civilian life, they often face unique challenges in their pursuit of meaningful careers. Veterans bring a wealth of skills, discipline, and experience to the civilian workforce, making them valuable assets to employers. Their ability to adapt, work under pressure, and lead teams are just a few of the qualities that make them highly desirable employees. Yet, transitioning from military to civilian life can be a complex journey. In Catawba County organizations like Hickory 4 Vets are playing a crucial role in helping veterans transition into the workforce successfully.  

Here in Catawba County, Hickory 4 Vets is a community-based organization dedicated to supporting veterans locally. Their mission is “To be a well-known and preferred conduit between transitioning veterans, their families, and the Catawba County business community, and a transition assistance/employer resource organization of choice, with presence across major military installations in the Carolinas”. They offer a range of services, including mentorship, job placement assistance, and access to educational opportunities. Hickory 4 Vets is a valuable resource for veterans seeking to integrate into the local workforce.   

For veterans wanting to continue their education in Catawba County, there are a variety of programs to prepare veterans for a continued career or change. CVCC (Catawba Valley Community College) has a dedicated Veterans Resource Center available for students who use VA Educational Benefits while attending CVCC. The center offers computer access, internet access, printer devices, and a quiet place to study. Lenior-Rhyne University and Appalachian State University have been named military-friendly universities and have many resources for vets wanting to attend. Both institutions are military-inclusive universities and proudly welcome all active-duty military, veterans, military spouses, and family members.  

On a state level, Veterans Services of the Carolinas helps veterans across North Carolina. “Our team is committed to ensuring Veterans receive the training and support needed to secure career level jobs that pay living wages. Services may include Case Management, Vocational Training, Job Readiness and Placement assistance, and other Supportive Services”. VSC’s comprehensive strategy supports our Veterans’ skill set, experiences and aspirations, while simultaneously supporting their overall health and well-being to create a solid foundation for prosperity.  

The presence of veterans in the workforce enhances the diversity and strength of Catawba County’s labor market. Veterans bring not only their skills but also their strong work ethic and commitment to excellence, making them valuable assets to local businesses and industries. By recognizing the unique skills and experiences veterans bring and providing them with the necessary resources and support, Catawba County is honoring its heroes and strengthening its workforce and community. As we continue to build bridges between veterans and the civilian workforce, we ensure that these brave individuals can thrive in their post-military careers and contribute to the prosperity of our county.