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K64 was proud to be the prime sponsor of the CVCC Math Tournament. 200 students from eight high schools and six middle schools from several counties participated in individual and team competitions.

Alexander Central and Fred T Foard won the High School competition, while Northview and Newton Conover won the Middle School competition.

Math tournaments offer participants a unique opportunity to enhance their problem-solving skills, deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts, and develop essential teamwork abilities. Math helps teach important practices on how to methodically approach tasks, focus on attention to detail and abstract thinking. Math tournaments also foster a competitive yet collaborative atmosphere that motivates participants to challenge themselves and excel in their studies. As they engaged with like-minded individuals, students built lasting connections and friendships, further contributing to their personal and academic growth. Furthermore, math tournaments – like this one – promote community involvement and pride by bringing together local schools, organizations, and community members – ultimately benefiting everyone involved.

Congratulations to all of the participants who competed and developing math skills of the future workforce –  to help analyze and solve problems – a value for most employers.