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I’m what you call a “Creative” – Always thinking of the next story to write, the next painting to start, or the next project for my job. When I entered undergrad in 2016, I wanted to pursue a degree in the creative arts – I just wasn’t sure where to focus my ambition.

Flash forward 5 years, and I hold a BFA in Creative Writing, a BA in Communication Studies, and am on track to earn an MA in Integrated Marketing Communication. I moved back home to Catawba County in spring of 2020, and the longer I explored career options, the more I realized our community is overflowing with careers in the Communications and Marketing fields. That’s why I came back, and why I stayed!

Several people ask: Why Communication Studies? Why the new field of Integrated Marketing Communication?

This field is always evolving and it’s constantly flexible. With a degree in Communication Studies, I have the opportunity to pursue a range of career paths, from sports broadcasting, to public relations and advertising, to media and journalism, to education and social sciences. With a degree in Marketing, I take my talents further—I could work for a local marketing firm, I could develop strategies for Catawba County businesses, or I could make a difference in the lives of local citizens by working in a non-profit.

I enjoy being with people. I enjoy knowing that my days in the office have a positive impact on the people around me.

Developing a brand strategy is not easy. Most of the time, it requires a team that understands the internal as well as external stakeholders that keep the brand alive. But with time, trial and error, and a bit of confidence, a marketing team can create strategies that fit their unique market.

It’s not about a checklist of contacts, but a network of stories. Any business looking to develop their own marketing platform needs to understand the significance stories bring to their brand relationships. Share a personal connection, an engaging photo, an honest review, or an impressive success. Show audiences that you care. People love to share good news, and when your content attends to the successes and personal stories of your audiences, your brand will shine.

I returned to my home in Catawba County because I believe there is a future here for creators, makers, and doers. In the Fall, our towns put on countless festivals; theaters hold productions almost year-round; industries are growing and on the search for the next available workforce. As Catawba County grows, we will need the next generation of creative thinkers to advertise and amplify our stories. I’m glad I had the opportunity to return and see this area in a new light – not as my childhood hometown, but as a place of potential, innovation, and talent.