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The Automotive Systems program is quite interactive – from rolling videos, to engaging student tours, to the lifts and transmission checks on the shop floor – there’s always something on the move.

Samuel Crisp, a current student at CVCC, shines with passion for the automotive industry and its potential to evolve with technology.

Samuel grew up around cars from an early age, working on different antique vehicles with his grandfather. It wasn’t until he entered high school, though, that he considered pursuing Automotive Systems as a career. He learned about CVCC’s state-of-the-art equipment in automotive technology, and


decided to attend the program to turn his hobby into a career. He’s glad he did! With plans to earn an Associates in Automotive System Technology, he hopes to move even further and become a master in the tech field.

He would love to open up his own shop in this community. Giving back is a passion of his, and a lesson he learned from his grandfather. As a businessowner, Samuel wants to make the most of his talents and make the largest impact possible. The ultimate goal is to work with the CVCC Foundation to open a scholarship for aspiring automotive students!

In addition to his grandfather, Samuel is most influenced by the program instructors who have guided him and encouraged him to gain hands-on experience.  The instructors have a knack for answering questions, and always provide students opportunity to try fieldwork or test their skills in a lab.

When he entered the program, Samuel had to complete two prerequisites – one of which was Basic Electrical. He wasn’t comfortable in this class because he had no background in the electrical side of the automotive field. After hard work and striving for achievement, he passed the class! Looking back, he’s content with how far he’s come – starting with no knowledge in Basic Electrical

and now understanding just about every system. The more work he does and the more skills he is driven to develop, the more confident he will become in diagnosing automotive issues, whether mechanical or electrical.

In his free time, and especially during the summer, Samuel enjoys being outside with his brothers and playing baseball or pick-up soccer. What’s most impressive is Samuel’s passion for colliding the classroom with real life: If he sees people on the road with car issues, he stops and diagnoses the car at no cost. He enjoys helping people get back on the road to their jobs, errands, and homes. 

Samuel knows the automotive industry is valuable because he sees it evolve. Anyone willing to learn and evolve with technology will fit into this program. Whether rebuilding transmissions and engines, working with electronic vehicles, or learning any one of the other skilled trades, there are several ways to adapt and stay on top of the next best technology.

If you like hands-on, energizing jobs with no idle days, pursue the Automotive Systems degree!

Contact Shawn Mull, Department Head of Automotive Systems Technology, at (828) 327-7000 ext. 4209. Or, visit the CVCC website for more program information.