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Not many people know that robotics is available in Catawba County. Until a few months ago, I didn’t either! That’s why I was so surprised to find the Robotic and Robotic Welding course in the CVCC Workforce Solutions Complex. Once I stepped inside the lab, I found the classroom full of passionate, creative people.

One student, busy managing and testing his equipment, took a few minutes to share his interesting start with the program: the Taylorsville Apple Festival. He met the Robotic Welding instructor during the festival’s virtual welding display, and he was hooked. The student had a welding degree for years, but realized, if he earned a degree in robotic welding, that he could make more money and enhance his career skills. Now, he’s on track for an Associates.

Read below to see what local students have to say about our Robotics and Robotic Welding Course:

Q: Why are you taking this robotics course?

I need to learn the plasma cutter to use in my welding degree. I am interested in this course, and welding overall, because I moved home and started work in an auto shop. I figured, once I came back, why not try welding at CVCC?  – Haley S.

I am actually an apprentice through Apprenticeship Catawba and I work at Corning. Half of the time I’m in classes, and half of the time I’m in the plant. I get paid to do work and school – I’m actually getting paid right now! (This interview!) – William J.

Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of class?

I like to go on hikes, do outdoor activities, and camping (especially since it’s summertime!) – Haley S.

Q: What are your strongest skills in this program, and what do you need to work on?

Strongest skills include attention to detail. I have better attention to detail than most of the guys in here. My weakest point is learning not to get frustrated when things don’t work out or don’t go the way I want them to.   – Haley S.

My strengths include hands-on work, and thinking or figuring things out. I don’t like the online section of the course. Actually sitting down and working online is different than a hands-on, in the classroom learning. – William J.


Q: What would you tell someone interested in the program, but unsure whether they want to attend?

Give the class a chance. CVCC is a great place to dip your feet into the water. If you don’t like the class, you can try something different (trade, course, etc.). There is lots of equipment to work with and experiment in here, and the instructors are really good with answering our questions. – Haley S.

Q: What do you think about the program and class?

Yes, it is very useful to learn, especially at CVCC. There’s lots of hand-on work, moving robots, learning how stuff breaks and how to fix it. There is a lot more knowledge you can apply than just technical. I would recommend this course if you want to be or are a maintenance tech operator or engineering. – William J.

Q: What do you think about the instructors?

Instructors here are very personable, they build a relationship and learn how you work. I feel like any instructors in the engineering program know me. They figure out what helps you and how to teach you. – William J.


So, maybe you’re interested by engineering and robotics—maybe you want to weld the next piece of Catawba County artwork—either way, you should sign up for this CVCC course in Fall of ’21!