K-64 brings education, business, and government together to connect people of all ages with the skills needed to fill jobs and build careers in Catawba County.

In January, K-64, in partnership with Catawba Valley Community College, launched a new work-based learning course focused on critical soft skills development and including a 32-hour internship. The course was approved as a Career and College Promise course allowing high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to take the course and earn both high school and college credit. Over 50 students completed the course, and 39 businesses hosted our student interns.

One of K-64’s goals for the future is to increase the number of businesses that host student interns and create a pipeline of potential future employees for business and industry in Catawba County. In an effort to support our local business partners, the K-64 team is designing a workshop that will allow business leaders to learn more about the purpose of internships and best practices for internships.

We want the workshop to be a worthwhile investment of time and effort for our business partners. Therefore, on July 23, we convened some business leaders who have already partnered with K-64 to host student interns and asked for their feedback on how to effectively design and implement internships. They shared their best practices as well as strategies that would enhance internship experiences for students and employers. K-64 truly appreciates these business leaders taking the time to share with us their wisdom, experience and expertise with student internships.

A special thanks to Lowes Foods in Viewmont for providing lunch for the event.

Below are the answers to a few frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about the course. Contact K-64 or CVCC today to register for the next offering of WBL-120.

Work-based Learning-120 Course (WBL-120) FAQ’s

Q: What is the purpose of this course?

A: The purpose of this course is to:
• Allow businesses an entry point into work-based learning if they are unable to commit to standard hour requirements at the high school or college levels.
• Provide CTE departments a vehicle to increase work-based learning numbers by offering CCP credit.
• Expose students to soft skills training driven by local industry.

Q: Who is driving this course?

A: K-64 and CVCC were asked by the NC Community College System office to develop and present a unique course that could increase exposure to regional work-based learning that worked in unison with K-12 work-based learning options. WBL-120 was approved exclusively for Pilot at CVCC and Wake Tech for the 2018-2019 school year.

Q: How will this course not interfere with current work-based learning at the K-12 level?

A: WBL-120 has a minimum requirement of 32 hours of business contact hours. This is less than any current programs at the K-12 level. If a local LEA would like to require additional hours or activities to satisfy K-12 work-based learning courses, LEA’s can award additional K- 12 credit.

Q: Is this course a Career and College Promise (CCP) Credit Course?

A: Yes. High School students may register for the course and receive both high school and college credit.

Q: Is this course in a CCP Pathway?

A: Yes. The pilot version of this course is in the Business Administration, Accounting, and Office Administration Pathways. The plan is to move this course into all pathways by the 2019- 2020 school year.

Q: What if students seeking to take this course are not in one of the identified pathways?

A: CCP Students can take courses in two pathways. Since this is a state driven pilot course this should not be an audit issue on the community college side.