K-64 brings education, business, and government together to connect people of all ages with the skills needed to fill jobs and build careers in Catawba County.

Character and soft skill development are priorities of the K-64 initiative in Catawba County. The team at K-64 is focused on creating innovative programs and partnerships to promote character and soft skill development in our K-12 schools.
On October 17, we will have our first K-64 Character in Catawba Challenge.  We are challenging every school in Catawba County to make at least one post on Twitter and/or Facebook to highlight the strategies, projects, events, and/or programs they are implementing to develop their students’ soft skills and character. 
The goal of the K-64 Character in Catawba Challenge is to promote the sharing of ideas and strategies related to character education among all the schools in Catawba County. We believe the K-64 Character in Catawba Challenge will be a game changer for soft skill development in our future workforce.
A special thank you to Catawba County Schools, Hickory Public Schools, and Newton-Conover City Schools for your investment in the character development of our future workforce.  #K64CharacterinCatawba #MakingLivingBetter