Empowering Learners and Building a Stronger Workforce, Fostering Economic Growth

Character and soft skill development are priorities of the K-64 initiative in Catawba County. The team at K-64 is focused on creating innovative programs and partnerships to promote character and soft skill development in our K-12 schools.
On October 17, we will have our first K-64 Character in Catawba Challenge.  We are challenging every school in Catawba County to make at least one post on Twitter and/or Facebook to highlight the strategies, projects, events, and/or programs they are implementing to develop their students’ soft skills and character. 
The goal of the K-64 Character in Catawba Challenge is to promote the sharing of ideas and strategies related to character education among all the schools in Catawba County. We believe the K-64 Character in Catawba Challenge will be a game changer for soft skill development in our future workforce.
A special thank you to Catawba County Schools, Hickory Public Schools, and Newton-Conover City Schools for your investment in the character development of our future workforce.  #K64CharacterinCatawba #MakingLivingBetter