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Character Education Lesson #1

K-64 Career and College Advocate Dr. Ryan McCreary recently read Knit Together by Angela Dominguez to Mrs. Houston’s first grade class at Clyde Campbell Elementary School as part of the K-64 Character Education initiative in Catawba County.  Dr. McCreary selected Knit Together because the story of a mother and daughter creating memories together through knitting illustrates the importance of teamwork, creativity, growth mindset, collaboration, and relationships.

“The memories that children create with family members, friends, and at school help to shape their character, and it is important to remember that character education lessons can happen authentically through experiences such as knitting,” says Dr. McCreary.

If you would like for Dr. McCreary to visit your classroom or school to talk about Character Education, you may contact him at rmccreary034@cvcc.edu.

Teacher Resources:
Dr. McCreary checked out Knit Together from St. Stephen’s Public Library, one our local public libraries where other excellent character education books are available.

Lexile Level: 440L ​https://fab.lexile.com/book/details/9780803740990/